Non-Discrimination Clause

H.O.P.E. Academy and the Huber Child Development Center complies with those constitutional and statutory provisions, as may be specifically applicable to the school, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, national origin or citizenship in the administration of our educational, personnel, admissions, financial aid, and school administered programs.

This policy also does not preclude the ability of the school to undertake and/or enforce appropriate actions with respect to students who advocate on school property or at school functions any practices or doctrines which are inconsistent with the religious tenets of HOPE Academy and the Huber Child Development Center.

The presence of students from other faiths provides a wonderful diversity to the school. However, the presence of non-Christian students in the school shall not alter the primacy of Christian faith formation as an integral component of the educational program in the school. Non-Christian students are expected to participate in all religious and educational programs of the school.

In light of unique situations which may arise in the educational process, and because it is impossible to foresee all school issues that arise, the faculty and administration reserves the right to address and to take appropriate action for any such situations.  In addition, in view of the unique and essential religious mission of HOPE Academy and the Huber Child Development Center, it is expressly understood that the school may take actions in cases where moral offenses occur which reflect adversely on the school, and which interferes with the ability of the school to perform its religious mission.


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